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Karmayogatun aanandi Jivan

 14 September 2018
 BMCC Collage ladies Hall
 Bhavartha Dhakne
 Weekly meeting of RCP karvenagar joint with RCP Pride...... Comming Friday... 14th September at 7:30 p.m. at BMCC Ladies Hall. कर्मयोगातून आनंदी जीवन. Karma is the focal point of the way of life as explained in Bhagvat Gita. Karma in Sanskrit means actions or deeds, which when done right, leads to awards spiritual liberation. It highlights the importance of selfless deeds performed without the expectation of any fruitful gains. The context of these have changes over the years, but the underlying meaning is applicable in our modern day world as well. Every individual is trapped in the vicious cycle of Karma from the time one is born. One just needs to understand this and fathom the reason why one was blessed with a human life. In today’s rat race, everyone is striving and struggling to maintain the so called work life balance. Every individual wants to excel as a professional and as an individual, be it as an offspring, a spouse, a parent a boss, an acquaintance, a colleague or a friend. But what is lost in this race is the true essence of life, the very reason why one was born as a human being. It is this that one needs to focus on to attain happiness as a professional and as an individual, which in reality is the true essence of spirituality as explained under ‘Yoga’ in our scriptures. Somewhere in the journey of life, people have long forgotten the principals and theories of why one must live and live well, why love, care, compassion and empathy are bigger than materialistic pleasures and how to achieve success as a professional and an individual with happiness at the core. In the pursuit of happiness, people have tweaked the meaning of happiness itself and in the long run this will fail. We need to go back to our roots and inculcate the values of life. This exactly is focused in the speech .
 Spiritual Lecture by bhavarth Dhekane , He explain How to remain happy through the teachings of Spiritual Book Bhagavat Geeta
Karmayogatun aanandi Jivan Karmayogatun aanandi Jivan
Karmayogatun aanandi Jivan Karmayogatun aanandi Jivan